Pat Robertson blames Haitian Earthquake on Satan

The country of Haiti has been devastated by an earthquake. Thousands lay dead or injured. Thousands more may be trapped in the rubble of their homes and shops. As the worlds humanitarian forces  mobilize to bring the necessary aid to the victims religious broadcaster, Pat Robertson, announces to the world that the Haitians brought this disaster upon themselves. Robertson declared the Haitians made a pact with the devil in order to free themselves from French rule. Haiti is a an impoverished nation. It’s residents, on average, make less than $400.00 a year. If these poor people hadn’t already been through enough, the founder of the 700 Club has told the survivors their past sins have brought the wrath of God upon them. As reprehensible as Robertson is, the truly sad part is some, perhaps many, of the Haitians will believe him.


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