Forbidden Fruit Computers unveiled there new ChristPad. Dave, the Christian Tech Guy has the review.


Obama sends Fox News to the bunker

President Obama created history and a stir by requesting the Q&A portion before his meeting with the Republican House caucus be broadcast live. Normally this stuff is held behind closed doors. A room full of Republicans with all the slam dunk talking points they could muster lept at the chance but left the even licking their wounds. It was so bad Fox News cut from the live event early to head for their bunker. Fox’s resulting spin was fast and furious.

getting it on for jesus

The Health Care Fight will Continue

In his State of the Union address, President Obama speaks about his commitment to the millions of Americans without health insurance and the need to finish the job on health reform.

Pope Whipped Himself

From The Young Turks Youtube Channel

If Holy Water is Blessed, Why Does it Make You Sick?

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Pastor Dick has hard hitting Christian analysis of the Saints victory over the Minnesota Vikings

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