Preschool is Over

I was speaking with some coworkers the other day about the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips. One of my coworkers said “Obama didn’t do anything, a ten year old could have handled it”. I reminded him the ten year old left the White House in January. We have adults running the country now.
Can you imagine the press conference Bush would have had during this ordeal? The “Toddler in Chief” would have held up a wanted poster that says “Pirates…Wanted Dead or Alive”. In his zeal to show the American people he won’t bargain with criminals or terrorists, Bush orders the Fifth Fleet to attack the lifeboat. After a massive air strike the pirates would be dead. Unfortunately so would Captain Phillips. Then, with the bodies of the dead pirates laid out before him on the deck of an aircraft carrier (under a banner that reads “Mission Accomplished”) Bush tells a grieving nation that Phillips gave his life to fight communism. After a few seconds he realizes he screwed up and spends the next five minutes wishing he had a teleprompter.
The right wing media made a huge deal about the President not making a statement during the stand off. He didn’t need to. He handled the matter like an adult. Like the Commander in Chief.


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  1. I agree that President Obama’s tone was measured and controlled. I’m concerned, however, that the mainstream U.S. media isn’t giving fellow Americans enough information about the situation on the ground in Somalia.

    Turns out, many Somalis see “pirates” as defending their ungoverned shores against illegal international trawlers in search of fish — as well as against illegal international dumpers with toxic waste. That doesn’t justify those Somalis who attack innocents or steal aid. But it does give context to the support so many Somalis apparently give to those we call “pirates.”

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