Why I listen to my Ipod

I’m driving around, doing my various errands, and noticed it was close to the top of the hour. I tune the car radio to our local talk station so I can catch the news. Unfortunately, to listen to the news I had to sit through the last few minutes of the Laura Ingraham show. During the weekdays A.M. radio is filled with a never ending litany of conservatives whose insulting rhetoric strives to lower the I.Q. of all who listen. Intelligent political debate is stripped away exposing the confusion and bitterness that is today’s republican party. A party that elected a black chairman, hoping to show the country they are the party of inclusion, only to have that chairman get his hand slapped by Rush Limbaugh. Michael Steele (the RNC chairman) had rightfully said Limbaugh’s speech was incendiary. But, you don’t say that about the true face of the republican party in front of a national audience. Current dot com did a great cartoon about Limbaugh, click here to take a look.

Now where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about not having the common sense to change the station when I heard Laura Ingraham’s voice. Ingraham was announcing the result of todays poll question. “Do you think President Obama is comfortable leading”? Or something along those lines. According to Ingraham 80 percent said no, 20 percent responded yes. The results of this scientifically conducted poll make it clear. 80 percent of the intelligentsia that listen to Ingraham’s caustic rants say the President is not comfortable leading. What a surprise. You get a partisan response from a partisan audience. And this audience may be getting smaller.

The republicans have been bleeding votes for years. Just look at the last few elections. Now, Newt (that’s a great name for a short, narrow minded conservative) Gingrich wants to form a new party. One that embraces the bible in one hand and a picture of Ronald Reagan in the other. A party that ensures America returns to and remains a country of Mom, apple pie and weekend hangings down at the courthouse. I for one hope Newt is successful in starting this third, ultra conservative party. It will split the republicans and guarantee victories for the Democrats for years to come. I also hope this infighting continues, it’s entertaining as hell watching them implode.


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