A Completely Accurate Portrayal of Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans

I shouldn’t comment so much on Rush Limbaugh. It probably just encourages him and the narrow minded bigots that live on his every word. With that said, watch this.


Arlen Specter

specterArlen Specter has served in the United States Senate since 1980. A moderate voice, in an increasingly conservative republican party, Specter announced today he was bolting the party of Limbaugh to join the majority. I’m thrilled Senator Specter came to his senses, but this has more to do with good old fashion back room politics than party ideology.

Specter’s support of President Obama’s stimulus bill put him on the outs with his republican masters in Washington. His chances of winning a conservative primary in his home state of Pennsylvania were next to nil. Keystone state republicans were going to throw Specter out faster than Rush Limbaugh reaching for a bottle of oxycontin. The only hope for Specter to continue his 29 year senate career was to jump from the sinking SS Limbaugh to the ship the Democrats now sail. He was honest and admitted it.

Specter also said he found himself “increasingly at odds with the republican philosophy”. A philosophy that’s moving farther and farther to the right. I’ve heard many moderate republicans say they’re uncomfortable with the direction of the party. But, the party bosses aren’t listening. They’re ignoring their failure in the last two national elections. They’re going to ignore the defection of the senior senator from Pennsylvania and they’re ignoring the fact most Americans are centrists. Americans don’t want to be governed from the far right or left. They want to be governed from the center. I’m a liberal Democrat and even I know that.

The farther right the republicans go the fewer followers they’ll have. My only fear is Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will see this as an opportunity to take the country hard to the left. Now, I’m all for it (mostly, I have a few nasty conservative streaks in me) but most Americans will not. Whether or not the country’s center right or center left does not matter. The important thing to remember is the majority is hanging around that white stripe in the middle of the road.

A Liberal Hiding in Northern California

When you think of California you probably think of wine, Hollywood and liberals. But, California is a big state. Here in the North republicans are everywhere. If you’re a liberal you always have to be on your guard.

God and the Noworkbum

Sometimes when I’m depressed or feeling blah I’ll surf conservative websites. Seeing facts the right has bent and distorted into their twisted interpretations of the truth always gives me a good laugh. It picks up my spirits.
I was cruising the Fox Nation website and ran across “Ten Reasons I believe in God”, by Bill Shuler, a pastor from the Commonwealth of Virginia. I believe strongly in the freedom of religion and have an admiration for those with faith. But his reasons didn’t compel me to get stripped down and be dunked in an over sized jacuzzi. Here’s the good pastors list.

1. An innate sense of right and wrong came from somewhere.
Lets see. Kronk and Gorf are cavemen. One day Kronk steals Gorf’s favorite club. The one Gorf catches food and wives with. Gorf becomes very angry with Kronk and beats him to a pulp with a dead water buffalo. Gorf learns an innate sense of right and wrong. Why? Because he got the shit kicked out of him that’s why.

2. The universe is far too organized and intricate to have come about by chance.
You mean the same “organized” universe that’s hurling a rock the size of Guatemala at us? Destined to destroy every man, woman and republican? Bringing an end to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michael Jacksons plastic surgeries? Did you mean that “organized” universe? You did. Never mind.

3. Seeing chimps doesn’t compel me to organize a family reunion.
Let me take this moment to say how offended I am. On behalf of primates everywhere, Go Screw Yourself and pass the banana.

4. Anyone who has witnessed a baby’s birth will attest to miracles.
I’ve witnessed the birth of a baby and the only thing I can attest to is it’s disgusting. All the juice, gunk and stuff, yuck.

5. He has appeared in history.
So has Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler and the Marx Brothers. So what?

6. There must be a reason the heart hungers for truth.
It’s called human nature. We study the unknown. This is why we have paleontologists digging up bones in the desert. This also answers your question about why your sisters second child looks like an orangutan. (Oops, were back on #3 again).

7. People since ancient times have sought Him.
They also sought indoor plumbing. Again so what?

8. People since ancient times have found Him.
Did somebody spot him on America’s Most Wanted? (Like the way I worked in a Fox show?) Where was he hiding? Was he hanging out with Elvis?

9. I see Him in the lives of those who forgive.
I wonder if all the families of all the people who were murdered in the name of God forgave?

10. I spoke with Him this morning.
Of all the good pastors points this troubles me the most. In the course of my employment I deal with many people who speak with God. They also speak with Napoleon (actually he thought he was Napoleon, never mind), the angel of death, Grace Kelly, their Aunt Gladys, Moms Mabley, Curt Cobain so on and so on. You get my point.

Preschool is Over

I was speaking with some coworkers the other day about the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips. One of my coworkers said “Obama didn’t do anything, a ten year old could have handled it”. I reminded him the ten year old left the White House in January. We have adults running the country now.
Can you imagine the press conference Bush would have had during this ordeal? The “Toddler in Chief” would have held up a wanted poster that says “Pirates…Wanted Dead or Alive”. In his zeal to show the American people he won’t bargain with criminals or terrorists, Bush orders the Fifth Fleet to attack the lifeboat. After a massive air strike the pirates would be dead. Unfortunately so would Captain Phillips. Then, with the bodies of the dead pirates laid out before him on the deck of an aircraft carrier (under a banner that reads “Mission Accomplished”) Bush tells a grieving nation that Phillips gave his life to fight communism. After a few seconds he realizes he screwed up and spends the next five minutes wishing he had a teleprompter.
The right wing media made a huge deal about the President not making a statement during the stand off. He didn’t need to. He handled the matter like an adult. Like the Commander in Chief.

Why I listen to my Ipod

I’m driving around, doing my various errands, and noticed it was close to the top of the hour. I tune the car radio to our local talk station so I can catch the news. Unfortunately, to listen to the news I had to sit through the last few minutes of the Laura Ingraham show. During the weekdays A.M. radio is filled with a never ending litany of conservatives whose insulting rhetoric strives to lower the I.Q. of all who listen. Intelligent political debate is stripped away exposing the confusion and bitterness that is today’s republican party. A party that elected a black chairman, hoping to show the country they are the party of inclusion, only to have that chairman get his hand slapped by Rush Limbaugh. Michael Steele (the RNC chairman) had rightfully said Limbaugh’s speech was incendiary. But, you don’t say that about the true face of the republican party in front of a national audience. Current dot com did a great cartoon about Limbaugh, click here to take a look.

Now where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about not having the common sense to change the station when I heard Laura Ingraham’s voice. Ingraham was announcing the result of todays poll question. “Do you think President Obama is comfortable leading”? Or something along those lines. According to Ingraham 80 percent said no, 20 percent responded yes. The results of this scientifically conducted poll make it clear. 80 percent of the intelligentsia that listen to Ingraham’s caustic rants say the President is not comfortable leading. What a surprise. You get a partisan response from a partisan audience. And this audience may be getting smaller.

The republicans have been bleeding votes for years. Just look at the last few elections. Now, Newt (that’s a great name for a short, narrow minded conservative) Gingrich wants to form a new party. One that embraces the bible in one hand and a picture of Ronald Reagan in the other. A party that ensures America returns to and remains a country of Mom, apple pie and weekend hangings down at the courthouse. I for one hope Newt is successful in starting this third, ultra conservative party. It will split the republicans and guarantee victories for the Democrats for years to come. I also hope this infighting continues, it’s entertaining as hell watching them implode.

Banning Firearms

The recent, well publicized, murders or 4 Oakland, California Police Officers and 8 people in a Carthage, North Carolina nursing home have some fearing the Obama administration may use this as an excuse to take their guns. I can’t speak to the Presidents intentions regarding gun control, but I’m sure taking away America’s guns won’t be on the table.
Here’s why:

1. The second amendment to the constitution. It seems very clear the founding fathers intended for America to be an armed society.
2. There is no doubt in my mind the reason America has not been attacked by a foreign army (in the last 200 years anyway)  is because a general planning an attack knows everybody in America has a gun. It’s one thing for the army, militia and police to be armed, but when every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Harry’s grandmother) starts shooting at you, that will give military planners a moment of pause.
3. Taking away America’s guns is like locking the barn door after the horse has bought an assault rifle. Banning guns in our country is not possible. There are millions of them. You think the war against drugs is a disaster, can you imagine if the government tried to outlaw private firearm ownership? To accomplish this the 2nd Amendment would have to be repealed. This would require two-thirds of the states vote to give up their guns. Utah will vote for same sex marriage before that happens.

Gun violence, random or otherwise, is a fact of life in America. It is the price we pay for the freedom we enjoy. There will continue to be shootings in malls and school campuses. The legislature and law enforcement will try to keep firearms out of the hands of those who should not possess them but because of the sheer number of  guns on the street this will be all but impossible. Remember, it’s not just the gangs and those on the margins of society that are responsible for gun violence. Example:
John Q. Public has no criminal record. He’s an upstanding member of the community, maybe he’s on the local school board. He might live next door. He buys a gun. Over the course of years he’s bought several, legally. One day John loses his job. He finds out his wife is having an affair with her orthodontist. John snaps and becomes the third story on the evening news. (Depending on the news day of course).
Don’t get me wrong, I support the 2nd Amendment. But court house shootings and rampages by angry, despondent citizens won’t stop. In our country, it’s just the way it is.