PC Vs Mac

The debate is as old as mankind itself. Do I buy a PC or do I get a Mac? For me it comes down to 2 simple issues. Cost and buttons. Pick any model of Mac and you can find a similarly equipped PC for hundreds of dollars less. This is not a contest between hardware platforms but the operating systems that run them. Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft, recently said when you buy a Mac you’re “paying $500 more to get a logo on it”. And, he’s right. There’s nothing a Windows driven PC can’t do that the Macintosh can. I have several friends (well, actually I have no friends, so we’ll call them acquaintances) that own Mac’s and they swear by them. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no huge fan of Microsoft. Mac’s just cost too much.

The second reason why I wont buy a Mac is buttons. Steve Jobs hates buttons. Case in point the new Ipod shuffle. The kids from Cupertino removed all the controls (i.e. buttons) from the player and placed them on those swell ear buds. Please note my sarcasm. Have you ever noticed that Jobs never wears button up shirts? HE HATES BUTTONS. It’s buttons that make technology fun. My electronic devices must have buttons, dials, switches, meters, gauges and those alternating red and blue lights that serve no purpose whatsoever. It’s not about streamlined functionality, it’s about buttons!


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