We’re becoming a nation of Borgs


Blue Tooth has gone too far!

I love technology. But technical innovation can’t replace good fashion sense. Having a cell phone has saved me on more than one occasion. Stranded, on a lonely stretch of baron landscape, it does your heart good to see all those bars on your cell phone. A tow truck is a phone call away. I love my cell phone. It’s an Apple. But, I’m not so tied to the damn thing that I have to strap a Borg like radar dome to my skull. I’m not knocking Blue Tooth or hands free technology, but have you looked in a mirror lately? Here in California it’s illegal to operate a vehicle while using a cell phone, so the Borg like device is a perfect option. But take it off when you get out of the car. And take the damn thing off when you go into a movie theater. That blue light is VERY ANNOYING.


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