Nancy, Please Shut Up!

I’m walking through my living room the other day when, quite suddenly, my senses were assaulted by a verbal barrage coming from the T.V. To my surprise this annoying dribble was being spouted by a rather attractive blond. (I guess irritating talking heads should be fat and ugly like Rush Limbaugh).nancy_grace2
Nancy Grace is her name and she was going off about a young Floridian who was allegedly murdered by her mother. I don’t understand why she keeps beating this horse. The child’s body has been recovered. The mother has been charged and is awaiting trial. It’s now the states job to collect the evidence and prove her guilt to a jury of her peers. But Nancy Grace continues to pack her show with a endless line of washed up defense attorneys and former prosecutors desperate for some face time in front of a national audience. They bicker back and forth like 5 year olds arguing over whose turn it is on the swing about some thread of information that the National Enquirer wouldn’t even care about. This is suppose to be informative? It is on CNN’s sister network Headline News, so it should be informative right? Wrong. It does not it inform it only entertains. They are passing off this fight between aging crack whores as news. There’s no news, no civility, no intelligence only ratings.



  1. Yes, Nancy Grace, plrease shut up before you help to end the life of more non-convicted mothers of missing children……….. again! 🙂

  2. According to many experts, the change in the death penalty is not because the evidence has changed, but is a means of attempting to get a plea from Casey. The experts are still not wavering in their conclusion that a conviction of first degree murder against Casey Anthony is still highly unlikely. After reviewing the evidence in this case released to the public, I agree, based upon the evidence, extremely unlikely.

  3. Stop victimizing victims Nancy Grace, and stop helping to lose the life of non-convicted victims again. You belong in prison for the crimes you have done, and get those twin kids away from your drunkenness and your pill-popping. Maybe you should tell the viewers on every show that you are under state and federal lawsuits again for your role in assisting to end the life of a mother of a missing child, and while you’re at it, mention that those twins do not have the same father and neither twin is biologically related to your husband. Try being truthful for a change.

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