Media Bias

I don’t watch much television. So I was never really exposed to the so called bias in mainstream media. Until, that is, a friend introduced me to Fox News. “No bias” he said. “Fair and balanced” he proclaimed. He’s still my friend (or would be if I ever saw him) but I question his interpretation of the words fair and balanced. The only demographic that would find Fox News unbiased are religious conservatives convinced all of America’s problems can be solved by faith in the Bible or trickle down economics. I refuse to watch Fox. It’s not news, it’s propaganda.


Free Newt Gingrich?

newt1I was just watching a Youtube video and I noticed this advertisement.

I try to keep on top of the news but I didn’t know they locked the asshole up. What did he finally go down for?
Adultery, liable or failure to register as a pedophile?

PC Vs Mac

The debate is as old as mankind itself. Do I buy a PC or do I get a Mac? For me it comes down to 2 simple issues. Cost and buttons. Pick any model of Mac and you can find a similarly equipped PC for hundreds of dollars less. This is not a contest between hardware platforms but the operating systems that run them. Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft, recently said when you buy a Mac you’re “paying $500 more to get a logo on it”. And, he’s right. There’s nothing a Windows driven PC can’t do that the Macintosh can. I have several friends (well, actually I have no friends, so we’ll call them acquaintances) that own Mac’s and they swear by them. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no huge fan of Microsoft. Mac’s just cost too much.

The second reason why I wont buy a Mac is buttons. Steve Jobs hates buttons. Case in point the new Ipod shuffle. The kids from Cupertino removed all the controls (i.e. buttons) from the player and placed them on those swell ear buds. Please note my sarcasm. Have you ever noticed that Jobs never wears button up shirts? HE HATES BUTTONS. It’s buttons that make technology fun. My electronic devices must have buttons, dials, switches, meters, gauges and those alternating red and blue lights that serve no purpose whatsoever. It’s not about streamlined functionality, it’s about buttons!

Youtube Comments

Several months ago I started uploading homemade video’s to Youtube. Like any other fame seeking narcissist I wondered how to increase the number of views my masterpieces receive. So I read Youtube’s helpful suggestions. One of the suggestions was get more involved in the community, leave comments or produce video responses.
Have you ever read any of the comments on Youtube? Any written remark I might make would be stuck between the “You’re a Fag” and “Obama’s the Anti-Christ” comments. I don’t read the written responses anymore. I suspect most people (most people who have graduated the 8th grade anyway) don’t read them either. I’m a firm believer in the freedom of speech but come on, try to make the speech worth listening to.


I’ve been trying to come up with something intelligent to say about Twitter. Now I don’t have to.

We’re becoming a nation of Borgs


Blue Tooth has gone too far!

I love technology. But technical innovation can’t replace good fashion sense. Having a cell phone has saved me on more than one occasion. Stranded, on a lonely stretch of baron landscape, it does your heart good to see all those bars on your cell phone. A tow truck is a phone call away. I love my cell phone. It’s an Apple. But, I’m not so tied to the damn thing that I have to strap a Borg like radar dome to my skull. I’m not knocking Blue Tooth or hands free technology, but have you looked in a mirror lately? Here in California it’s illegal to operate a vehicle while using a cell phone, so the Borg like device is a perfect option. But take it off when you get out of the car. And take the damn thing off when you go into a movie theater. That blue light is VERY ANNOYING.

Nancy, Please Shut Up!

I’m walking through my living room the other day when, quite suddenly, my senses were assaulted by a verbal barrage coming from the T.V. To my surprise this annoying dribble was being spouted by a rather attractive blond. (I guess irritating talking heads should be fat and ugly like Rush Limbaugh).nancy_grace2
Nancy Grace is her name and she was going off about a young Floridian who was allegedly murdered by her mother. I don’t understand why she keeps beating this horse. The child’s body has been recovered. The mother has been charged and is awaiting trial. It’s now the states job to collect the evidence and prove her guilt to a jury of her peers. But Nancy Grace continues to pack her show with a endless line of washed up defense attorneys and former prosecutors desperate for some face time in front of a national audience. They bicker back and forth like 5 year olds arguing over whose turn it is on the swing about some thread of information that the National Enquirer wouldn’t even care about. This is suppose to be informative? It is on CNN’s sister network Headline News, so it should be informative right? Wrong. It does not it inform it only entertains. They are passing off this fight between aging crack whores as news. There’s no news, no civility, no intelligence only ratings.